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We pride ourselves on our values since the very beginning, it is the foundation on which we have built our brands. Sterling Restaurants is one of the most successful restaurant operators in Qatar and have been growing year on year for the last forty-six years.

Offering a variety of food from the North, East, South & West parts of the world, there’s something for everyone. The Many years of teamwork, collaboration, and support have built strong brands that only offer par excellence food and service to our beloved patrons.

Ever-evolving Sterling Restaurants is proud of all we have achieved thus far and all that is yet to come, we have strategized and are excited about our plans for the future and continuing to build on the pillars that instill who we are as an organization.

We are committed to our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders and we invite you to visit our brands and create memories with us on this journey. Thank you for your support.

The Chairman - Abd Al Rahman Al Muftah


Sterling Restaurants have been serving the community of Qatar since 1977 with a variety of brands of different cuisine that are rich in culture and full of unique flavors. Sterling Restaurants houses some of our family's favorite food brands that we have grown up enjoying. Sterling Restaurants continues to provide an excellent standard of customer service and food in Qatar. From fast food to fine dining and desserts we have something for everyone. We continue to adapt to the ever-changing market we operate in as well as the consumer behavior shift in order to remain relevant to our customers in different target segments and markets.

Sterling Restaurants has a group of restaurants that are perfect for any occasion. We are leading the future of dining with iconic global and local brands. If you are looking for quick but great-tasting fast food, we have popular well-known fast-food chains such as the internationally popular Pizza Hut and local favorites Twinky and Sterling Fast Food. If you are looking for a fine dining experience we have Indian Asian restaurants Caravan Bukhara, Asiana, and Star of India. American favorites, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Fuddruckers and Bennigans, and Persian restaurant, Shebestan Palace. Lastly, we satisfy your caffeine & sweet cravings with well-known brands; Coffee Beanery & TCBY. We bring you the flavors of the world.

Sterling Restaurants is part of Al Muftah Group under the chairmanship of Abdulrehman Muftah Al Muftah and has been in business in Qatar for more than a few decades. Almuftah Group will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023, a milestone for an enterprise that has built its business on the conviction that excellence, good leadership, and success all go hand-in-hand.


At Sterling Restaurants, our employees are the heart and soul of our organization. They bring our ideas to life, creating unforgettable experiences with our brands. From our front-of-house to kitchen staff, each person plays a vital role in shaping our iconic brands in Qatar.

We prioritize employee growth and progression. Through training programs, mentorship, and performance evaluations, we empower our team to reach new heights in their careers. Our inclusive company culture fosters a positive work environment, where transparency, open communication, and teamwork thrive.

We value work-life balance, offering flexible arrangements and wellness programs. Our dedicated employees have chosen to build their careers with us, showing loyalty and commitment. Together, we create a culture of excellence, recognizing and celebrating each person's contributions.

Join Sterling Restaurants to be part of our vibrant family. Experience a supportive community where your growth is nurtured, and your unique talents are valued. Together, we'll redefine culinary experiences and make lasting memories for our customers.




We aim to become the preferred leader in the industry and one of the best service providers of food services in Qatar. We wish to create a food experience that will be memorable in the mind of our customers. Our long-term vision is to be recognized within Qatar and beyond as a company that serves excellent customer service in the restaurant and catering industry.



Sterling Restaurant’s Brand mission is to be recognized for providing an outstanding food selection and the best service to our customers.

To provide a house of brands and services that cater to all customer needs, giving them an unforgettable and unique experience with each one of our brands.



  • We believe in our people
  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Consistency



Satisfying our customers’ needs one meal at a time. Our passion for culinary excellence is matched only by our dedication to exceptional customer service. We value the relationships we build with our customers and take pride in understanding their unique preferences and dietary requirements.



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Sterling Restaurants have a variety of high-quality restaurants under one umbrella in Qatar, our services consist of 

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